Individual & Relational Counselling - "Hear ... to Help"
Looking for Something Better...
     Some people come to counselling with well-defined concerns; others come with a troubled sense that something is not quite right. 
     Individual Counselling can involve a few things:
(a) sorting out something which is troubling,
(b) figuring out choices, values, perspectives, goals & priorities, (c) working on behaviour (how we communicate, what we do).  
     Relational Counselling is for couples, families, or other relationships (like work).  It can include the same three things as individual counselling.  However, it focuses mostly on how these are experienced and communicated with others.
     In counselling both counsellor and client(s) play an active role.  Together we explore your concerns, define our goals, and work towards resolution or change.
     I often compare psychotherapy with the more physically oriented physiotherapy - or even working with a personal trainer at a gym!  Change takes all of us working together; and effective change sometimes takes time.  Happily, what we do in counselling can be a part of a larger life process of growth.  All of this can work together to help you sort out & achieve your personal goals.
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On the following pages you'll find information about myself, counselling (or therapy), the process of growth, rates, etc.  Please have a look around this website.  Feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns, or questions you might have.
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