Individual & Relational Counselling - "Hear ... to Help"
Looking for Something Better...
     Some people come to counselling with well-defined concerns; others come with a troubled sense that something is not quite right. 
     Individual Counselling often involves a number of processes:
(a) sorting out something which is troubling,
(b) figuring out choices, values, perspectives, goals & priorities, (c) working on behaviour (how we communicate, what we do).  
     Relational Counselling (couple / marriage, family, work or other relationships) can include these same three things, yet it focuses primarily on how they are experienced and acted within a relationship.
     In counselling both counsellor and client(s) have an active role to play.  Together we explore your concerns, define our goals, and work towards resolution or change.
     I often compare psychotherapy with the more physically oriented physiotherapy - or working with a personal trainer!  Change takes all of us working together; and effective change sometimes takes time.  Happily, what we do in counselling can be a part of a larger life process of growth.  All of this can work together to help you achieve your own personal goals.
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On the following pages you'll find information about myself, counselling (or therapy), the process of growth, rates, etc.  Please have a look around this website.  Feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns, or questions you might have.
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